Teach A Man To Fish

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Teach A Man To Fish

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Governments are increasingly recognising the vital need for young people with the skills to succeed in a rapidly changing world of work. Yet, too often good policies at the national level don’t lead to change at the local level for young people. The missing link is low-cost, high-impact programmes which can translate policy ambitions into everyday practice in schools. We have done it, know what works, and have the evidence! The session introduces our School Enterprise Challenge programme describing how: – A program focused on Entrepreneurship and Soft Skills can produce impressive academic results – increasing by four times the number of students achieving the highest grades in STEM – A one-year experiential program can double young people’s income on leaving school, – An approach works from the toughest Ugandan refugee camps to elite Indian private schools and has been incorporated into education systems It is an injustice that not every young person leaves education equipped with skills for success in work and life. A growing number of governments recognise the School Enterprise Challenge programme as an effective and cost-effective way to bridge the policy-practice divide – giving teachers a practical approach for preparing tomorrow’s entrepreneurs, leaders and changemakers to thrive, whatever future they face.