Chance for Childhood

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Chance for Childhood

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In this session, we will be highlighting the critical importance of providing accessible, inclusive education to all and what can be done to improve access. During the session, we will hear from our CEO, Katie Fowler and disability inclusion experts in the field on why inclusivity should be at the forefront of conversations as we fight for education for all. We will emphasise the importance of education equity, rather than equality, recognising that a lot more resources need to be invested in the most vulnerable children in order to attain the global goal of providing education access to all children. Girls, street connected children, children in emergency settings, children with disabilities are among the most vulnerable and are still a long way behind in terms of education access and quality. How are their needs considered when it comes through classroom teaching and learning? Furthermore, the protracted COVID 19 crisis has made education inequality and the digital divide more apparent. In the session, we will draw on our own experiences from past and current projects in address these issues.