New York University (NYU) Global TIES for Children

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New York University (NYU) Global TIES for Children

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The main goal of this event is to engage audience in a discussion on the effective ways to support children’s learning and development in conflict- and crisis-affected contexts. Based on actionable evidence generated from the three humanitarian educational programming contexts (with Syrian refugee children in Lebanon, Boko Haram-affected children in Niger, and children living through multiple and protracted crises in Sierra Leone)—as a part of a larger 3EA initiative and funded by Dubai Cares E-Cubed Research Envelope, three short and engaging TED-talk-style presentations will be given by the researchers at Global TIES for Children. All presentations will be pre-recoded. The proposed topics include: a. A journey into a day of a refugee child: Risks, struggles, and hope b. Path to recovery and resilience: How to support refugee children’s needs, challenges, and pathways for learning and thriving c. Eyes on the process—beyond access: Role of teachers and implementation of education programming and lessons for the future.