Liina Kersna

H.E. Liina Kersna

Estonian Minister of Education and Research

Liina Kersna is the Minister of Education and Research of the Republic of Estonia

Liina Kersna was born on 3 April 1980 in Tallinn. She is married and a mother of a son.

Employment history and career
  • From 2015–2021, she was a member of the 13th and 14th Riigikogu.
  • From 2013–2015, she was an Adviser to the Prime Minister and the Head of the Prime Minister’s Office.
  • From 2007–2013, she was the Media Adviser at the Government Communication Unit, later the Deputy Director and the Director of Government Communication.
  • From 2004–2007, she was a Chief Specialist in the Public Relations Department of the Ministry of Agriculture, later the Deputy Head of Department and the Head of Department.
  • From 2002–2004, she was the Public Relations Manager at the Estonian Federation of Estonian Student Unions.
  • From 1998–2002, she was a Host and Editor at Eesti Raadio.

Liina Kersna graduated from the University of Tartu in 2005 with a degree in journalism and public relations and received a master’s degree in educational management from the same university in 2018.