RewirEd Sandbox

An Enabling Platform to Unlock Systems Change in Education through the RewirEd Provocations


The RewirEd Sandbox

The Sandbox is an engagement platform — comprising a range of activities and communication channels — to enable radical collaborations between diverse stakeholders, and catalyze the process of transformative systems change in education accelerating the Summit's broader mission in rewiring education for a prosperous and sustainable future for all, as well as fast-tracking stakeholder efforts to achieve the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 4 on education. The RewirEd Provocations serve as a frame for the transformative solutions that could be co-created and experimented with support from the Sandbox. 

The 6 provocations contain a set of proposed ideas or experiments to begin the dialogue for collaboration & co-creation. These experiments are a mix of (1) ideas that have never been attempted before, (2) ideas from around the globe that worked and could be scaled/adapted to other regions, and (3) ideas that have emerged from the system map research and hold potential to create systemic shifts in the education sector.

With a focus on enabling meaningful relationships, actions, and implementation — the Sandbox aims to bring together pioneers, leaders, and innovators within and beyond the education sector to connect, collaborate and co-create experiments across the 6 Provocations.

How can you get involved?

The RewirEd Sandbox is open to everyone regardless of geographical location or affiliation. We are looking for motivated system changemakers who are committed to one or more of the missions put forward by the Rewired provocations.

The Sandbox offers the following role options for those who are interested to get involved:


Experiment Leader

Individuals/Organizations working in relevant sectors, with the motivation and capacity to co-design and deliver experiment prototypes in the
education sector, operating within
a particular context.
(such as a location, group)


Design Partner

Actors in the current ecosystem such as young people, parents, teachers and civil servants who are willing to be early adopters and test the experiment in their local context along with the Experiment Leader. Design Partners will contribute by co-learning and actively curating impact evidence data.


Knowledge Experts

Individuals/Organizations with expertise in areas outside of education e.g. technology, architecture, policy design, who are willing to contribute their intelligence and experience in the design and prototyping of experiments.
(sharing their network, knowledge and design assets, open sources, digital tools to test the experiments)

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Sandbox Advocate

If you don’t see yourself fit into any of the previous roles, there are plenty of other ways to contribute to the RewirEd Sandbox Community such as sharing interesting posts, giving feedback, attending open forums, and sharing your resources to grow global missions.

Donors & Catalysts

Individuals/Organizations who are keen on funding radical experiment ideas, give valuable feedback and be continuously engaged through the RewirEd community platform.

The Sandbox Journey


Initial Framing & Formation of
Provocation Groups

Framing: April 2021

A virtual event with the aim to form Provocation Groups for each of the RewirEd Provocations, including stakeholders who are interested and motivated to participate in the RewirEd Sandbox.


Collaborative Potential

Module 1: Mid May 2021 - Early July

Enabling alignment among the members of the respective Provocation Groups around collaboration capabilities & shared areas of interest.


Experiments Portfolio

Module 2: Early July- August 2021

To form diverse coalitions committed that collaborate around a portfolio of co-created experiments.


Prototyping & Selecting Experiments for the RewirEd Summit 2021

Module 3: August-November 2021

Refining the portfolio of experiments & developing paper prototypes & investment cases for those selected experiments to be presented at the RewirEd Summit 2021.

*We are presently here


The RewirEd Summit

The Summit: December 2021

Showcasing experiments & the respective coalitions. An open call to action for the summit audience to take part in the next phases of accelerating & scaling the experiments.

What does the RewirEd Sandbox offer?

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Toolbox for Innovation in Education

By taking part in the Sandbox, you can experiment with radical ideas and practices in a supportive environment. You will also have access to a shared pool of resources and supporting tools including ideation workshops, technical support (digital tools, design or branding), and facilitation.

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Exposure & Visibility

You can gain visibility through the RewirEd platform by
presenting findings from experiments at the Rewired Summit 2021 and Expo 2020 Dubai. You would also get access to relevant events and global speaker opportunities through the RewirEd ecosystem.

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Collaborative Networking

You will have the opportunity to form coalitions (working groups) with pioneers in and beyond the education sector and co-create experiments tackling systemic challenges in the education system. Numerous co-learning, co-creation, and networking engagements will also be available for you.

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The most promising coalitions will be brought to Dubai in December 2021, to be featured as a part of the RewirEd Summit program and get exposure to different donors. Dubai Cares has also committed to releasing a pot of grant seed funding in early 2022 – this will be awarded to the most successful coalitions (that meet a predefined criteria) to continue working on the prototypes or scaling them.

Join the Sandbox!

Join the Sandbox & be a part of an enabling platform to unlock change in education through experimentation!

Questions? Get in Touch

If you have any questions on the Provocations or Sandbox, please don’t hesitate to contact us via email at

If you are keen to connect with us, explore synergies, collaborate, and co-create in the Sandbox, we would love to have a conversation with you!