Now Available: The RewirEd Summit 2023 Highlights Report

The RewirEd Summit has unveiled its 2023 Highlights Report, summarizing the program and key takeaways from global education gathering hosted at COP28 UAE. The report also offers a comprehensive overview of our journey towards RewirEd Summit 2023, capturing the essence of our collective efforts. It also showcases key insights, thought-provoking discussions, and ground-breaking announcements, reflecting the spirit of collaboration, innovation, and commitment to education transformation in support of climate action.

You can download the full RewirEd Summit Highlights Report here:

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If you missed the RewirEd Summit 2023, you can now watch all the insightful sessions by tuning in to our YouTube channel.

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RewirEd Summit 2023 Focus Areas

  • 1

    Rewiring Lifelong Learning for Green Jobs and Green Economy

    Starting with early childhood and focusing on learning both in and out of formal education.

  • 2

    Transformative Policy and Innovative Financing

    To enable collective leadership and strategic investment toward both education goals and climate ambitions.

  • 3

    Leveraging Technology and Connectivity to Rewire Education Systems for Climate Adaptation and Mitigation

    Through bridging the digital gap and advancing connectivity.

  • 4

    People and knowledge at the Heart of Transformation

    To center the voices, knowledge, and lived experience of those who are most affected but often excluded by the eco-system around education, such as children, youth, women, girls, indigenous communities, internally displaced people, refugees, individuals with disabilities, and the elderly.

Proposals and Feedback

We are delighted to announce that the RewirEd Summit is now accepting proposals! We invite you to contribute to this journey by sharing your concepts to shape the agenda, outputs, and outcomes of the Summit.
Please submit your proposals before August 15, 2023:

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We also welcome your feedback, suggestions and recommendations:

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