Private Sector Engagement

Private Sector Engagement

Efforts to secure inclusive and equitable education for all have prompted calls for greater engagement by the private sector, asserting that this sector can play a major role in achieving the Sustainable Development Goal 4 (SDG4).

Given the shortfalls in public financing and need for urgent responses, private actors have increasingly become involved in various aspects of educational programs.

RewirEd acknowledges the growing role of private actors in education and seeks to ensure that private sector engagement upholds equity, quality and rights in education, as well as puts forward modalities of alternative and innovative financing mechanisms.

The RewirEd Summit 2021 was an occasion for key thinkers and practitioners in education to reflect on innovative financing of the recovery – and the future – and how education financing across national education budgets, households, donors, private sector can work in conjunction and be most effective in instituting the changes needed for global reform.

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