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Innovation in Education

Innovation in Education

Innovation is a driving force for sustainable and long-term growth in every sector. More than ever, innovation in education is about improving and enhancing the quality of education, implementing a system that helps more children have access to education and making education more efficient and easier for students to learn.

Innovation in education comes from identifying problems, watching and learning from others, to develop new methods to address these problems and iterating on them when these experiments do not necessarily give the results we are looking for.

The RewirEd Summit 2021 was an opportunity to discuss the vision and bold actions that are required from global leaders and decision-makers worldwide to address the key structural challenges needed to innovate global education.

Innovation in education is imperative to bring about qualitative changes, as it will lead to more efficiency and improved outcomes in quality and equity of learning opportunities.

Please see here the full agenda of Day Two.

You can watch all sessions of Day Two here.

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