Climate Change & Education

Climate Change & Education

Education is a critical factor in the ever more urgent global fight against climate change. Understanding the causes and effects of climate change is the first step in shifting mindsets, establishing new ways of limiting its impact and pre-empting its unavoidable effects. With quality education, innovative methods and a network of committed stakeholders, we can create conditions for more and improved climate change education in schools to bring about much-needed environmental, societal and economic transformation.

The RewirEd Summit 2021 served as a global platform to discuss the broader context and challenges at hand, explore synergies and opportunities between education and climate change and discuss concrete routes of action by global leaders.

We believe that climate change education should be firmly embedded in national education agendas, a concept supported by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 4.7 (education for sustainable development) and 13.3 (education for climate protection and climate adaptation).

Climate change and climate change education are global challenges that must be addressed through a combination of local learning and action alongside broader changes to systematic thinking.

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