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RewirEd Provocations

RewirEd Provocations

Co-designed by Radicle through engagement & consultations with cross-sectoral stakeholders, the Provocations are north-star statements or radical ideas that address systemic, complex, and structural challenges in education, targeting a desired future different from what’s currently seen to be possible. They serve as anchors for bold experiments & initiatives to be co-developed, tested, and launched in the Sandbox.

Led by Dubai Cares, in partnership with Expo2020 Dubai and in close coordination with the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MoFAIC), and delivered in partnership with global stakeholders, RewirEd is a global platform that aims to be a catalyst in redefining education to ensure a future that is prosperous, sustainable, innovative and accessible to all. RewirEd Provocations is a collaborative initiative under the umbrella of RewirEd.

Below are the 6 provocations that have emerged from the explorative process. The 6 provocations contain a set of proposed ideas or experiments to begin the dialogue for collaboration & collective action. These experiments are a mix of (1) ideas that have never been attempted before, (2) ideas from around the globe that worked and could be scaled/adapted to other regions, and (3) ideas that have emerged from the system map research and hold potential to create systemic shifts in the education sector.

By collaborating and working with interested partners from across sectors, the Sandbox intends to connect, collaborate and co-create experiments across the 6 Provocations and meaningfully co-create a better way forward for education.

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