Meaningful youth engagement in shaping and delivering Education is critical today. Youth engagement determines how efficient the transformation process will be. Youth represent an important agency in shaping the future of education and their engagement must be created and sustained at all levels – from the global level and the work around SDG4 to the regional, country and local level where, day-to-day, youth are confronting with issues of access, relevance, equity and inclusion in Education.

RewirEd calls on youth advisory groups, student associations, online youth education hubs and young people, together with various stakeholders and governments to concretely transform education, so that it becomes a fundamental tool both for sustainable development and for the full inclusion of various social groups.

In order to ensure that youth voices were at the forefront of the RewirEd Summit, Restless Development conducted a youth-led research to examine the following: Pathways to Learning and Livelihoods, Young People's Aspirations and Active Youth Citizenship.

You can read or download the full report here.

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