Haldis Margrete Holst

Haldis Margrete Holst

Deputy General Secretary, Education International

Haldis Holst is Deputy General Secretary of Education International where she is responsible for EI’s work in the areas of human and trade union rights, equality, and solidarity programs.

Haldis was born in Oslo, Norway in 1960. She graduated as a teacher in 1983, after majoring in English and Physical Education. She has worked as a teacher in primary and secondary schools and has been a union representative at local, regional and national level. In 2001, she became Vice-President of Norsk Lærerlag (NL). After the merger of the two largest teacher unions in Norway in 2002, she was an Executive Board member and later Vice President of Utdanningsforbundet (Union of Education Norway).

Haldis has also served as Norway’s representative on the ETUCE Committee and been a member of the Executive Board of Education International. She was Vice President of EI from 2009 – 2012.

Equality issues and minority rights are close to her heart and she strongly believes in the role trade unions can play in building and sustaining, democratic and inclusive societies. Human rights are the basis for such societies and every child’s right to quality education at the core of it all.